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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

VoIP On Mobile Phones?

VoIP On Mobile Phones?

This might be interesting to some...imagine having to make calls to you families or friends abroad and never have to pay a single cent on your mobile phone via VoIP?. Read the article to know how.

If you own a mobile phone capable of accessing the web, and have a need to make international calls at the lowest possible rates, here is some information you may be interested in reading further. The new JAJAH mobile service offers low VoIP rates for calls from your mobile phone. Call any number in the world, and save significant amounts on direct international calls or when using prepaid mobile cards. For those of you who…

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Another HALO story and links to its script making

Another HALO story and links to its script making.

HALO: THE MOVIE Script Details Online!

Play Halo?!

Nah. I'll Wait for the Movie. Microsoft has inked a deal to bring a movie based on its popular sci-fi video game "Halo" to the big screen in 2007.

My comments: Get X-Box. Play Halo. Finish it. Then Halo 2. Finish it. Then buy halo movie tickets.


Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Yet another hacking video..

..about hacking a video camera....

CVS Camera Hacking video... Cvs-1-1-1-2-1 A short film from Dave Slusher of Evil Genius Chronicles about how to get the movies off of the CVS one-time use video camera, documented with the camera itself. Based on the work of John Maushammer. Thanks Dave! Link.

Another article about Sony PSP/Firmware 2.0/Web Browser

Secrets Of The PSP Web Browser Psp2-1-1-1-1 " has a great guide on how to use all the possible features available in the PSP Browser and shows how to save and copy files, transfer files without a USB cable, and limit Out Of Memory errors." [via] Link. I still don't see any reason to update to 2.0- but if you did, this is handy.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

500+ Bit-torrent Sites

Tons of bittorrents sites listed to you lucky people with high bandwith.
This page has links to over 500 other websites containing torrents and other clients. They are even put together in similar genres (TV, Music, Movies, Anime, etc.). A must see for Bit-torrent newbies and veterans.

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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Nokia N90 vs. Sony Ericsson W800: Camera test

Which one of the current photo mobiles is the best one? This offers you a direct comparison between pictures taken with the two of the biggest competitors amongst the modern photo mobiles - two megapixel Nokia N90 and Sony Ericsson W800, respectively K750. In addition, they tested the external flash for the new Sony Ericsson.

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PSP US Version 2.0 Already Decrypted.

Let the Homebrews Begin!
Seems that less than 10 hours after Sony released it's beefed up anti-homebrew/web browser patch aka version 2.0 for the PSP someone has already decrypted the update which opens the door now for the creation and workarounds for Homebrew Apps and additional hacks. Sweeeet.

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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

DIY cheapest air conditioner in the world Aer007 The principles of its operation are simple: The fan creates an air flow which is cooled by contact with the 4 bottles full of ice. In this way, the temperature of the air flow is reduced to a more tolerable level. The more bottles the better… You must closely watch it unless you want a swimming pool on your carpet or floors. [via] Link.

Why Men Can't Hear Women

Men who are accused of never listening by women now have an excuse - women's voices are more difficult for men to listen to than other men's.

The research shows men decipher female voices using the auditory part of the brain that processes music, while male voices engage a simpler mechanism.

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