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Monday, December 08, 2008

Happy Birthday Jybta!

You never saw this coming.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

This is NOT Angelina Jolie

No joke... this is Tiffany Claus... a look-a-like that has been featured all around Hollywood as the next best thing. It's nuts how much they look alike!

Sambutan Hari Raya & Hari Guru

Click the above picture to view all pictures below.

End of Year Activities '08

SMPAPHM organized another End of Year Activities for the students to fill their time after the End of Year Exams held between 17th til 22nd November. So called the stress buster, the aim of the activities is to have fun and instill competitiveness among students by doing a specific tasks or competitions. The activities are organized by each departments in the school.

More here.

Where's ma linky!!!

Ahh... it's back again. Links you'll enjoy...or not.

This is what friends are for: Friends with detriments.

Google Reader gets a new look: Square is the new round.

Robots: They can solve Rubik's Cube too.

Make free call with the iPod Touch: Using Truphone.

Perfect Disaster: 5 cosmic events that will kill you before lunch

Will my photos be in the next Iron Man movie? This guy did in the first one.

Time to hit the gym: 13 Things You Never Knew About Your Weight

The Dark Lord's latest apprentice: Cat Vader

Lists of problems solved: By MacGyver

BitTorrent fun: Top 10 most pirated games of 2008

Birthdays Galore

There are a lot of birthdays in the month of October and November. Some of the them belonged to Amoi, Lisa, Emil and some other which I did not attend (sorry 'bout that mate).

Happy belated birthdays you guys. Sorry for the late posts. Happy belated also to Atien and Nana.

Mul's Top Ten Geeky Gifts For Your Man/Woman

Hello. So this is my first post of the "one post per hour"campaign. So sorry for the delay in updating but that's no excuse. That's why I did this to make up for things.

The holiday is coming and people are getting into the spirit of buying gifts for their love ones. For the geeky bunch out there, fear not. I've jotted down, pondered and having a heavy discussion with my brain for the ultimate holiday gifts for your geeky other half.

1. Wi-Fi Detector Shirt - US$29.99 [thinkgeek]2. The Kindle - US$359.00 [amazon]

3. HTC Dream G1 - B$1088 [qqestore]

4. Flip MinoHD - US$229.99 [amazon]

5. Items from [xkcd store]

6. QQESTORE Gift Cards [link]

7. KingMax 8GB Super Stick

8. USB Refrigerator US$24.95 - [findgift]

9. The Optimus Keyboard - US$1593.86

10. Livescribe - US$149 (1GB), US$199 (2GB)

Friday, December 05, 2008

Coming Soon...

An UPDATE* every hour on Saturday, starting at 08:00 hrs until 12:00 noon.

*GMT +8