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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Parents Teacher Meeting '07

...aka sain rekod. Aktiviti ani sememangnya bertujuan untuk memberi keterangan mengenai kelemahan dan kekuatan penuntut dari segi akademik mahupun kokurikulum. Ia juga dapat merapatkan silaturrahim antara guru dan ibubapa ataupun penjaga. Dengan ini juga ibubapa atau penjaga juga boleh mengetahui sejauh mana peningkatan penuntut tersebut.
Luruskah ayat ku pakai atu?

Look at it this way, IT'S THE CLAWWW...Argh...

Hi-Tea @ Seasons

Last Friday we went to Seasons Restaurant for a Hi-Tea courtesy of Atein and Imas. Thanks mate. Semoga murah rezeki. The foods was nice. Very delicious. Too may to mention here. Coincidentally the people at the Co-curriculum were there too to celebrate members of staff that are going to retire. There's also a live band. Well, a man with guitar and a keyboardist.

Strawberry ice cream with chocolate syrup and chocolate rice. Ummm yummy.

Group photo

Atien (sitting) and Imas (standing) and a guy in red at the back.

This was taken outside at Level 2.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Students' Visit To UBD Faculty of Science

On Saturday, the Science Department organised a trip to UBD for a selected student. About 90+ of them and only one bus. The bus driver agreed to do double trips. We arrived at 9am and arrived back at school at 12:25pm. Once at the faculty of Science, the students were divided into 4 groups, each went to Physics and Chemistry lab and were shown various equipment and apparatus.

Students listens as UBD lecturer gives introductory speech

Looking to see wavelength of mercury lightWhat are you looking at???A Hydrogen Fuel Cell powered light light powering the fan
The inside of a hydrogen fuel cell car Lots of gauges and pipes and knobs

This equipment is also used by CSI. Infact, the chemistry lab can be converted to a crime lab
I digress, don't tell anybody this. I am a CSI agent
Group photo with staff of UBD FoS and teachers in charge.
*Blogger is acting weird today so no captions for pictures. But you can always hover to see alt text.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Hajj Season Begins

Had the liberty to take photos at today's Hajj pilgrimage at the airport. As you can see, the departure hall is flooded with families and friends wishing a good journey.

Taking photo with a Hajj pilgrim. Hint: The one at the back with the tag.

Friday, November 23, 2007


A view of The Mall from the 2nd Floor of the Centerpoint.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

End Of Year Activities

Our school held its End Of Year activities with themes from different departments everyday from 10th to 19th November. First up:

Science/Agriculture Department: Cleaning campaign and visit from OGDC staff

Students listen to instructions

Work work

Building a structure with spaghetti stick

Let see if it can withstand the water bottle

Activity Day Two: English/Art Department (Self-improvement workshop from CFBT and word puzzle)

Orange dot represents grouping

Word puzzle

Checking answers

Activity Day Three: Malay Department: (Board game and Main Kayu Tiga)


Kayu/Selipar Tiga. A popular pastime

Activity Day Four: History/Business Studies Dept. (Jumbo sell and watching movies)
Very cheap Kebab this way

Bouncer at ticketing booth

Activity Day Five: Math Dept (Math Race and numbers game)

Figuring out the clue to the puzzle

The winner of Math Race jumps for joy

Telephoto zoom + Macro + Wide angle lens = ???

Solving Sudoku

Activity Day Six: Geography/PE Dept (cleaning campaign and games)

Zadm at work

Taking photo of angry celebrity is fun.

Activity Day Seven - Ugama Dept (Tulisan Khat and poster drawing)

All 4 fun.