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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

BSM Walk-A-Hunt 2007 and the winners are ....

The prize presentation for the 2007 BSM Walk-A-Hunt was held yesterday at the Orchid Garden Hotel at 7:30 pm. Most teams turned up after receiving a call the night before. I know this because I am one of the lucky ones. Before revealing the winners, teams, journalists, photobloggers and staff were treated to a nice dinner buffet.

*click pictures to enlarge

The E65 were not part of the prizes. We just happen to have the same model.

At our round table:

Ejam & Budeh

My wife & I

Eliza & Nana, and

Lisa & Aneng

The only question we hard a hard time figuring out. We taught the answer was "Euro Classic" but it turns out to be ...

= New Arrival.

And here are the winners....

TOP 3 Winners - Staff Category

3rd place

2nd place

1st place

TOP WINNERS - Open Category

15th place

14th place

That's us at 13th

12th place

11th place

10th place

9th place

8th place

7th place

6th place

5th place

4th place

They were thrilled to be at 3rd

2nd place

And the winner with 119 (they got all correct answers) points is...

Ruzaini & Nurafzan
BSM 2007 Walk-A-Hunt Winner

That's about it. This was the 4th Walk-A-Hunt organised by BSM and Gary Event Management. Kudos goes to Gary Guna Sager for making this year's hunt a success, fun and enjoyable experience for all participants. Hope there will be another one next year.
Note: In my previous post, I wrote that the result will be out within the next two weeks. I was wrong. Hehe. My mistake.
More coverage available here, here and here ......

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